TRIDENT-2 Diamond Cutting Head

TRIDENT-2 Diamond Cutting Head

Barton's TRIDENT-2 waterjet cutting head

Expanding on the unparalleled success of Barton’s TRIDENT Diamond Cutting Head, we have designed and built a next-generation superior waterjet cutting head.

Our revolutionary cartridge technology assures absolute alignment of the jewel and nozzle, allowing for virtually perfect accuracy while lowering consumption of abrasive media.

All the Advantages of an Integrated Diamond Design with the Versatility of a Replaceable Orifice

Lower Operating Costs

  • Superior accuracy, faster cutting with less consumed abrasive
  • Replaceable Diamond Orifice Cartridge can be swapped out for jobs requiring a different orifice size extending the life and expanding the versatility of the cutting head
  • Diamond Orifice Cartridge is warranted for 500 hours when used with the Barton Short Stop Filter Assembly (available in 1/4″ version and 3/8″ version)

Greater Productivity, Less Downtime

  • Efficient design means less maintenance and increased production
  • More efficient abrasive particle acceleration yields maximum cutting power
  • Absolute alignment of the jewel and the nozzle optimizes cutting power and speed

Superior Jet Stream

  • Orifice and nozzle alignment directs the jet stream perfectly to the abrasive nozzle
  • Stream quality remains optimized over the life of the orifice

Extended Orifice & Nozzle Life

  • Diamond wear resistance results in improved total system performance

TRIDENT-2 literature sheet (PDF)

TRIDENT-2 Warranty (PDF)

Short Stop Filter

The Barton Short Stop Filter effectively prevents in-line contaminants from damaging orifice assemblies by blocking debris from the most common sources within any high-pressure waterjet system.

Installing our exclusive filter will boost productivity and reduce orifice-related maintenance.

Use of the Barton Short Stop Filter is a requirement of the TRIDENT-2 warranty.

  • Easily Retrofitted
  • Robust Construction
  • Will Not Disintegrate Like Screen Filters

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