ADIRONDACK® – The World Standard Hard Rock Garnet Abrasive

The hardest and sharpest garnet abrasive in the world

A hard rock garnet abrasive with the Adirondack advantage — the sharpest, hardest garnet crystals on Earth; unbeatable quality and durability. Named for the Adirondack Mountains where it is exclusively mined by BARTON, ADIRONDACK garnet’s unique crystalline structure produces highly angular, sharp-edged grains.

The structure of ADIRONDACK hard rock garnet abrasive causes it to fracture into sharp-edged grains while in use. No matter how small they are crushed, the crystals never have a blunt or worn edge. It is this self-sharpening characteristic that makes this Adirondack deposit the best source of industrial garnet found anywhere in the world.

The crystalline garnet ore is mined from an open pit and crushed before being separated into specific grades and types. A large, state-of-the-art concentrate mill uses multiple stage separation techniques to produce a high-purity, high-quality feed stock for the finished-goods mills.

ADIRONDACK hard rock garnet abrasive is produced with a manufacturing processes built on strict, comprehensive, internal quality control standards adopted from ISO, TQM, ANSI, ASQ resulting in the cleanest, most precise blasting and waterjet cutting abrasive available — we guarantee it.

ADIRONDACK garnet is part of BARTON’s comprehensive best-in-class line of waterjet cutting and blasting abrasives.

Barton provides hard rock garnet abrasive like Adirondack HPX Garnet Abrasive

Waterjet Cutting

Well-suited for a broad spectrum of waterjet cutting applications, BARTON waterjet abrasives deliver consistent cutting performance and value.

Barton provides hard rock garnet abrasive for water jet cutting

Abrasive Blasting

From coarse through fine, BARTON offers garnet abrasives for a wide range of blasting applications.