ADIRONDACK® HPX® – The World Standard Garnet Abrasive

Barton's Adirondack HPX is a high performance hard rock garnet abrasive
The finest, hardest and sharpest garnet abrasive in the world

A hard rock garnet with the Adirondack advantage — the sharpest, hardest garnet crystals on Earth; unbeatable edge quality and durability. Named for the Adirondack Mountains where it is exclusively mined by BARTON, ADIRONDACK garnet’s unique crystalline structure makes it the fastest, cleanest, most precise blasting and waterjet cutting abrasive available — we guarantee it.

Sharper Grains

Superior performance starts with superior raw materials. ADIRONDACK garnet’s unique natural characteristics, together with BARTON’s proprietary processing technology, combine to produce highly angular, sharp-edged grains with unparalleled waterjet cutting capability.

Faster Cuts

Its one-of-a-kind crystalline structure and sharper edges mean ADIRONDACK HPX cuts through material faster; empowering the operator to do more in less time.

Greater Precision; Better Results

ADIRONDACK HPX delivers more cutting power for better results — more accurate cuts, truer edges and top-of-the-line performance for even the toughest jobs. ADIRONDACK HPX maximizes the capabilities of your waterjet.

Cleaner Operation

The superior hardness of ADIRONDACK garnet means our ADIRONDACK HPX produces less dust than any other waterjet abrasive available. The result is a cleaner workspace, less airborne material and less downtime due to clogged jets or erratic abrasive feed.

Available in eight grades

  • Offers the most powerful cutting performance and speed
  • Used when cutting speed is more important than edge quality
  • Materials: thick stainless steel, titanium and stone
  • Combines the cutting power of 50 HPX with the edge quality of 80 HPX
  • Materials: thick materials where surface finish is important
  • Provides the greatest versatility for a wide variety of applications
  • Offers fast cutting speed and good edge quality
  • Used by operators that value the flexibility of using one abrasive for a wide variety of applications
  • Materials: a wide variety, including all metals, composites, ceramics and stone
  • Offers the cutting power of 80 HPX with superior edge quality
  • Used on thin-to-medium-thickness materials where high speed and exceptional edge quality are required
  • Materials: a wide variety, including all metals, composites, ceramics and stone
  • Offers superior edge quality and cutting speed
  • Used for net shape cutting applications to eliminate secondary finishing
  • Materials: steel, aluminum, glass, ceramics, laminates, composites and other brittle materials
  • Specialty grades for applications with very demanding, fine-edge requirements
  • Used when a small kerf is desired • Materials: composites, printed circuit boards and fiber-optic cables


Enhanced Productivity and Cost Savings

ADIRONDACK’s harder, heavier and more durable composition makes it the industry’s best-performing blast media. It does the job faster — significantly increasing productivity — and reduces media consumption. Using less blast media translates to significant savings in shipping, handling and disposal.

Superior Surface Quality

ADIRONDACK produces a super-clean, super-smooth surface finish with a uniform profile and virtually no particle embedment, enabling better coating adhesion and longer coating life.

Low Dust: Better Visibility

The unique hardness of ADIRONDACK garnet grains means they produce less dust than other blasting abrasives. Less dust results in improved operator visibility, less disruption to adjoining work areas and safer working conditions. Plus, ADIRONDACK’s unmatched durability allows for more of the blast media to be recovered and reused, further reducing user cost.

Safe to Use

ADIRONDACK is a 100% natural, non-ferrous inert mineral with less than 0.1% respirable crystalline silica and no heavy metals. Like all BARTON garnet, ADIRONDACK meets or exceeds all applicable industrial safety and environmental regulations.

Available in two grades

36 CG

Used to remove thick coatings, marine fouling (20-50 mils) and rust.

30/60 CG

Used to remove heavier coatings (up to 40 mils) and rust while controlling profile.

ADIRONDACK garnet is part of BARTON’s comprehensive best-in-class line of waterjet cutting and blasting abrasives.

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Barton's Adirondack HPX high performance hard rock garnet abrasive keeps its sharp edges