BART is the better way to remove garnet from your waterjet table

If you’re still paying to have used garnet abrasive pumped from your waterjet table, or worse yet, shoveling it out yourself, we encourage you to get to know BART — the BARTON Abrasive Removal Tool.

BART removes more than 3,000 pounds of garnet per hour without requiring you to shut down your table.

It’s easy to operate. Simply connect the fully portable BART Wand to a pressure washer, then insert the wand between the slats and into the slurry to vacuum up the garnet while your waterjet machine continues cutting. No need to take your machine offline for cleanouts. The vacuum created by the pressure washer pulls water through the discharge hose into a diffuser, which separates the garnet and sends it to your choice of three collection devices:

  • BART Portable Diffuser
  • BART Tip Hopper
  • BART 55-gallon Drum with Diffuser

In designing BART, our waterjet team focused not only on efficient garnet removal but also on providing a solution that was convenient and cost-effective for our customers. BART is lightweight, simple to maneuver, and easy to move from one table to another. There is only a single wear part — the jet nozzle for the pressure washer — and no moving parts, pumps or filters. As a result, BART requires less maintenance and operates at far less cost than other spent abrasive removal systems.

Don’t take just our word for it. Here are comments from actual BART users:

“We just got the BART, and I got to run it yesterday. It looks like we are done shoveling now.”

“Our operator thinks it works great! He likes that it is light and easy to maneuver between the slats. It really does a great job removing spent garnet.”

“Wow, what a great piece of equipment. This tool is going to save us at least one manual cleanout a year (which equates to about two to three days’ worth of downtime). That in itself should pay for the unit and the pressure sprayer in one year’s time.”

“We are set up so that during one shift each week, an employee uses the BART to quickly remove only a portion of the garnet from the tank of one machine, while we continue to run the machine on the other tank. That way, we can keep the level of the garnet at a manageable level. I lose a little throughput as my changeover times are a little longer, but I am saving 20-24 hours per quarter at overtime rates.”

“Before we installed the BART, we shoveled by hand. We had to dig the wet garnet out, pile it on the loading dock to dry, then move it to a dumpster and pressure wash the loading dock. This process took two people working 6 to 7 hours (12 to 14 man hours). Our water jet was also fully down during this time.”

“We now clean out the bed in about 4 hours. We have a 12-foot tank, and one person can clean out half the tank while we are still fully operational on the other half.”

“With BART, one person can clean the bed in less than half the time, and we are left with nothing but garnet, which can be disposed of with no additional drying time. It’s a huge savings.”

“Our old clean-out method of shoveling by hand is antiquated and labor-intensive. With BART, one person can clean the bed in less than half the time. It’s a huge savings.”

That’s what we like to hear. Click here to see BART in use. To learn more, give us a call at 800-741-7756 or contact us here.