FUSION: Custom-Blended Waterjet Abrasive Delivers Solid Cutting Power and Value

ATLANTA, Nov. 5, 2018 — BARTON International, a global leader in garnet abrasives, will showcase its product line of high-performance abrasives for the waterjet cutting market at FABTECH 2018 (Booth B5819) November 6-8 in Atlanta, where it will introduce its new custom-blended value abrasive, FUSION®.

FUSION is a waterjet abrasive that combines BARTON’s ALLTEK™ HPA® alluvial garnet and ECOTEK™ staurolite mineral abrasives. “We developed FUSION as the newest product in our multi-tiered abrasives line to offer customers a value option for outstanding waterjet cutting,” BARTON International Waterjet Market Manager Thomas H. Riggs said. “FUSION provides cutting power and edge quality that is unrivaled at its level of affordability,”

Riggs noted that FUSION has been engineered as an 80-mesh abrasive that perfectly balances the best of BARTON’s alluvial garnet and staurolite abrasives. “This formulation makes FUSION suitable for a variety of cutting applications.”

Riggs explained that FUSION represents the third level in a four-tiered product lineup that features BARTON’s flagship, American made, ADIRONDACK® HPX garnet abrasives. At the second tier is ALLTEK HPA® best-in-class alluvial garnet abrasives. Next is FUSION, which is followed by the highly economical — and domestically produced — ECOTEK STL abrasives.

“FUSION rounds out a comprehensive product line of abrasives that comprises the widest choice of waterjet cutting media in the industry,” Riggs added.

BARTON abrasives for waterjet cutting are available in a dozen grades and are designed to give waterjet cutting operators a broad selection of options for performance and affordability, based on their precise application needs.

As with all BARTON abrasives, FUSION is manufactured under tight quality assurance controls to meet BARTON’s high standards. It is backed by BARTON’s 100% Quality Guarantee.