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BARTON International Introduces ALLTEK™ Alluvial Garnet Line

Alluvial Garnet Abrasives Designed for Versatile, Reliable Cutting; High-Quality Results in Grades for Waterjet Cutting, Surface Prep

GLENS FALLS, N.Y., July 18, 2018 — BARTON International, a global leader in garnet abrasives, has branded as ALLTEK™ its line of high-performance alluvial garnet abrasives for the waterjet cutting and surface preparation markets.

ALLTEK waterjet and blasting abrasives provide excellent performance, surface quality, and value. The ALLTEK line includes the HPA® brand and is made from top-quality alluvial garnet globally sourced and processed to BARTON’s industry-leading standards.

The ALLTEK brand of best-in-class alluvial garnet abrasives is part of BARTON’s comprehensive, three-tiered line of waterjet cutting and blasting media. ALLTEK joins BARTON’s flagship ADIRONDACK® garnet abrasives and the economical, domestically sourced ECOTEK™ waterjet abrasives introduced earlier in the year. Well-suited to a broad spectrum of applications, BARTON® ADIRONDACK, ALLTEK, and ECOTEK abrasives deliver consistent cutting performance and value.

“ALLTEK is a versatile alluvial garnet abrasive ideal for jobs that do not require the ultra-high performance of our exclusive ADIRONDACK garnet,” Barton International President R. Randolph Rapple said. “This line of garnet abrasives combines excellent blasting and abrasive waterjet cutting performance with outstanding economy.”

Delivering exceptional durability, ALLTEK furnishes all the advantages of garnet abrasives — optimized by BARTON’s 140 years of process technology expertise and backed by BARTON’s 100 Percent Quality Guarantee.

ALLTEK is available in two HPA grades for waterjet cutting:

• 60 HPA — When cutting speed is of primary importance, this aggressive garnet abrasive is a cut above.
• 80 HPA — The versatile workhorse of waterjet abrasives; provides good edge quality and solid cutting performance. May be used in virtually any precision waterjet operation.

ALLTEK is also available in two grades for blasting applications:
• 30/60 PLUS — A workhorse grade used for new steel and maintenance work on coatings up to 20 mils. Typically produces a 2.5-3.5 mil profile on steel.
• 80 HPA — Ideal for steel, aluminum, and other sensitive substrates. The preferred abrasive for most vapor-blasting applications. Typically produces a 1.8-2.5 mil profile on steel.


BARTON International Introduces Advanced New TRIDENT™–4 Diamond Cutting Head

Revolutionary Cartridge Technology Designed for FLOW* DYNAMIC WATERJET* and DYNAMIC XD* Systems

GLENS FALLS, N.Y., July 9, 2018 — Barton International, a global leader in waterjet abrasives, has introduced the TRIDENT™–4, a new, integrated diamond cutting head designed for FLOW* DYNAMIC WATERJET* and DYNAMIC XD* systems.

“The TRIDENT-4 cutting head features our revolutionary cartridge technology and is an advanced, direct replacement for FLOW* PASER*4 cutting heads — without the need for an adapter,” Barton International Product Manager Waterjet Parts Stephen Podnorszki said. “In addition to its superior accuracy and extended nozzle life, the TRIDENT-4 offers users lower operating costs while delivering improved productivity.” Podnorszki noted that the TRIDENT-4 cutting head has all the advantages of an integrated diamond design plus the versatility of a replaceable orifice. He added: “The TRIDENT-4 design creates a superior cutting head that assures perfect orifice-to-nozzle alignment, which means that the water stream is perfectly aligned to the nozzle, thus extending nozzle life and reducing costs.”

Podnorszki noted these additional TRIDENT-4 product features:

  • A diamond orifice, which ensures that stream quality remains optimized over the life of the cartridge.
  • Diamond wear resistance, which results in improved total system performance.
  • A ROCTEC 500 mixing chamber.
  • Uses an industry standard .281 x 4″ non-ringed nozzle.
  • Expanded versatility of the cutting head because the replaceable Diamond Orifice Cartridge can be swapped out for jobs requiring a different orifice size.

Podnorszki explained that the TRIDENT-4’s Short Stop Filter effectively prevents in-line contaminants from damaging the orifice assemblies by blocking debris from the most common sources within any high-pressure waterjet system. The Short Stop Filter features robust construction with a stainless-steel mesh screen filter and is easily retrofitted.

He added that the TRIDENT-4 warranty requires use of the Short Stop Filter. The Diamond Orifice Cartridge is warrantied for 500 hours when used with a Short Stop Filter assembly. TRIDENT-4 cutting heads are made in the USA and are available exclusively through Barton International. BARTON and TRIDENT are trademarks of Barton Mines Corporation. *FLOW, DYNAMIC WATERJET, DYNAMIC XD and PASER are trademarks of Flow International Corporation.





BARTON International Introduces New Line of ECOtek™ Waterjet Abrasives

Two Economical, General Purpose Solutions for Waterjet Industry

GLENS FALLS, N.Y., March 28, 2018 — BARTON International, a global leader in garnet abrasives, has introduced its new line of economical, domestically sourced ECOtek™ Waterjet Abrasives to the waterjet cutting market in North America.

BARTON’s general purpose ECOtek line was developed to meet growing demand in the waterjet cutting industry for lower-cost abrasives. ECOtek includes two proven BARTON products for waterjet cutting: (1) BARTON 80 STL, which became available in summer 2017, and (2) BARTON 80 MGS, introduced in late 2017. BARTON secured new sources for these ECOtek abrasives in the wake of India’s November 2016 garnet mining and export restrictions.

Unlike the current situation with Indian garnet, BARTON’s ECOtek abrasives have reliable sources of supply because BARTON 80 STL and BARTON 80 MGS are mined and milled right here in the U.S. Both ECOtek abrasives are engineered to meet BARTON’s demanding safety and performance standards.

BARTON 80 STL is a naturally occurring mineral — staurolite — produced from a one-of-a-kind mining and milling process in Florida. Staurolite has a density and hardness similar to garnet and is suitable for virtually all waterjet applications, BARTON 80 MGS, sourced in Oregon, is a synthetic olivine abrasive well-suited to less demanding waterjet cutting applications.

BARTON 80 STL and 80 MGS meet the same strict standards for grading, health, safety, and environmental compliance as its garnet abrasives. As with all its products, BARTON stands behind ECOtek Waterjet Abrasives with its 100 percent quality guarantee.  


BARTON International’s New E-Store Is Quicker and Easier to Use; Also Accessible From Smartphones and Other Devices

Relaunched Store.Barton.Com Offers Convenience, Affordability, and Extraordinary Selection of World-Class Waterjet Replacement Parts

GLENS FALLS, N.Y., May 23, 2017 — BARTON International, a global leader in garnet abrasives, has relaunched its website to make it extra easy, fast, and convenient to order from a selection of world-class waterjet replacement parts and affordable accessories for waterjet cutting equipment.

“Our new e-store offers the most comprehensive lineup of OEM and OEM-style parts anywhere,” BARTON International Marketing Manager Joyce Wolf said. She noted that BARTON’s warehouses in California and Virginia are stocked with hundreds of the most popular parts ready to ship the same day on orders received by 3 PM.


“From nozzles and mixing tubes to pump parts, cutting heads, and more,” Wolf added, “our waterjet online marketplace offers you instant access to the top brands from smartphones and other devices.” These include:

  • OMAX® Genuine Parts
  • Flow® Genuine Parts
  • Flow Style Parts
  • Jet Edge® Style Parts
  • KMT® Style Parts
  • ROCTEC® Genuine Nozzles/Mixing Tubes

“It’s easy to set up an account for the e-store,” Wolf said, “and we offer free delivery on online purchases of $300 or more.” She noted that BARTON also offers these exclusives:

  • BART® Abrasive Removal Tool
  • HydroBLOC™ super bricks
  • TRIDENT Diamond Cutting Heads

Visit for 24/7 access to waterjet replacement parts not found elsewhere. Call (800) 741-7756 for more information or easy account set-up. Free shipping on orders of $300 or more is valid on domestic orders of waterjet parts for purchase online, and does not include items like garnet, brick, hoppers, and BART®.


BARTON Int’l Names Delroy Ross Operations Director for Two Warehouses in Virginia and Louisiana

GLENS FALLS, N.Y. , May 23, 2017 — BARTON International, a global leader in garnet abrasives, has promoted Delroy Ross to director of warehouse operations for two of its garnet abrasives warehouses and processing facilities in Chesapeake, Virginia, and Reserve, Louisiana. He previously served as warehouse manager for those facilities.

“Delroy is an accomplished logistics professional who has managed our Chesapeake and Reserve facilities for more than ten years,” BARTON International COO Chuck Barton said. “He has the leadership skills and technical expertise to ensure that our teams deliver superior service, enhance customer retention, and build sales growth.”

Barton noted that under Ross, who has more than 31 years of experience in logistics and transportation, employee safety and product quality have been outstanding. In fact, BARTON’s Chesapeake warehouse team recently reached a corporate milestone of seven work years without a single recordable employee safety incident.

Ross, a resident of Yorktown, Virginia, previously held similar positions at NYK Logistics America, Hampton, Virginia, and with the U.S. Air Force in Norfolk. Ross holds associate of arts degrees in liberal arts from St. Leo University, St. Leo, Florida, and in logistics from the Community College of the Air Force, Montgomery, Alabama.


BARTON International Triples Capacity of Warehouse and Processing Center in Port of South Louisiana

Warehouse Ribbon-Cutting Set for May 23

GLENS FALLS, N.Y., May 23, 2017 — BARTON International, a global leader in garnet abrasives, recently amped up its capabilities to receive, store, and process BARTON brand garnet following the just-completed expansion of its Port of South Louisiana warehouse and processing center. The project nearly tripled its storage footprint.

To celebrate wrap-up of the expansion project, BARTON International, in conjunction with Associated Terminals, which manages the Reserve, Louisiana, facility, will hold a dedication and ribbon-cutting ceremony at the warehouse on Tuesday, May 23.

The massive new building, which covers 77,000 square feet, comprises an annex adjacent to its existing 44,000-square-foot structure. The expanded facility holds vast quantities of industrial garnet used in waterjet cutting, coatings removal, and other specialized abrasives applications. The expansion project included a new roadway and other paved areas, as well as a loading dock ramp, truck scales, and bulk storage bins.

“We’ve upgraded our processing operations by building out the lines from three to four,” BARTON Director of Warehouse Operations Delroy Ross said. “Our new air washing process represents the most current cleaning technology and our sophisticated screening ensures high product consistency and quality.”

Ross noted that the facility’s packaging unit can produce multiple configurations — including, for example, bulk and 25-kilogram bags — designed to satisfy a wide range of customer needs. “Our state-of–the art robotics palletizing delivers top speed and efficiency,” he said, adding: “The new warehouse complex has enabled us to streamline these operations and consolidate everything under one roof.”