Case Study: Garnet vs Staurolite

Garnet Replaces Staurolite at Gulf Coast Shipyard

A major Gulf Coast Shipyard evaluated BARTON’s 100 HPA® against staurolite blast abrasive in a new construction application. The results are impressive.

As compared with staurolite, BARTON 100 HPA® garnet:

  • Cut 33% faster
  • Reduced abrasive consumption by 35%
  • Generated 35% less abrasive waste
  • Created 50% less nuisance dust
  • Contains less than 1% free silica in accordance with OSHA guidelines

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Why is Garnet Better?

BARTON 100 HPA® has higher density and is significantly harder than staurolite abrasive. Garnet grains transfer more kinetic energy and do more work when accelerated to the same velocity as staurolite.

100 HPA is more than three times harder resulting in significantly higher efficiency. You just can’t beat the physical properties of BARTON garnet – Nature’s Best Abrasive.

What’s in a Particle Size Distribution?

A careful examination of the Particle Size Distribution of the staurolite abrasive compared to 100 HPA® reveals that the garnet’s working mix of large, medium, and small particles is more tightly graded than the staurolite.

Over 22% of the staurolite is finer than a 125 micron mesh compared to less than 3% of the 100 HPA. The excessive fines in the staurolite abrasive do not contribute to performance but lead to excessive dust generation.

In new construction applications or for removing up to 5 mils of coating, BARTON 100 HPA® has just the right blend of small, medium and large particles for removing mill scale, rust and souring pits. While staurolite has some larger particles, they are actually too coarse for a “fine” abrasive. If a more coarse abrasive is required, consider BARTON 30×60 Plus or 80 Mesh – both contain fewer fine particles.

See the Difference for Yourself!

BARTON 100 HPA® garnet is denser, harder and more efficient. The blaster can do more work in a shorter time period with 100 HPA® as compared with staurolite abrasive. In addition, garnet produces a cleaner substrate with less particle embedment. Because the average particle size of garnet is more tightly graded than staurolite, abrasive consumption is reduced.

If you are currently blasting (wet or dry) with staurolite and want to dramatically improve your productivity, reduce waste and nuisance dust, contact BARTON today.

Technical Notes

 Staurolite 3.0 1.515180 272.7
 Barton 100 HPA 2.7 1.125 240 270.0

New Steel A-36 Mild, nozzle pressure 100 PSI