GTX Blasting Abrasives

The economy you want. Safety you can trust.

BARTON introduces a new blasting abrasive offering exceptional economy, uniform surface finish and environmental safety compared to coal slag and silica sand abrasives.

Unique Mineral Blend.

BARTON GTX is a unique, homogenous blend of natural minerals, including hornblende and feldspar. A hard, dense, low free-silica abrasive containing no heavy metals, GTX brings economy, safety and consistent performance to a wide range of blasting applications.

Environmentally Safe.

Mined and milled in the Adirondack Mountains of New York, BARTON GTX contains less than 1% free-silica, and has no heavy metals, making it an economical, effective, and safe alternative to coal slag or silica sand when health and environmental safety are of concern.

Uniform Surface Finish.

BARTON GTX is carefully graded and produces a consistent, uniformly clean, white metal surface finish without embedments, black residues and rogue peaks.

Take a Closer Look

Foreground piece blasted with coal slag – visible varying profile
and embedments. Background piece blasted with GTX.

Uniform profile – photo shows the cleanliness of coating
removal without embedments using GTX abrasives.

BARTON GTX abrasives come in three grades:

Coarse, Medium and Fine producing a white metal finish (SSPC-5) with profiles between 1.6 and 3.3 mils on A-36 steel plate. Efficient and highly cost-effective for removal of surface coatings up to 30 mils and for removing mill scale and rust from new steel.

  Coarse Grade
  • Used to remove tough, thick coatings
  • Profile: SSPC-AB 1, Grade 3 and Grade 4, Class B

  Medium Grade
  • Used to remove medium thickness coatings, mill scale and rust
  • Profile: SSPC-AB 1, Grade 3 and Grade 4, Class B

  Fine Grade
  • Used to remove mill scale and rust
  • Profile: SSPC-AB 1, Grade 2 and Grade 3, Class B


GTX abrasives are currently available in several regions of the United States including the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, Midwest and Southeast.

GTX Abrasives Packaging

Standard packaging for GTX abrasives includes 55 lb. paper bags and bulk bags.

GTX Blasting Abrasives Spec Sheet (PDF)