HPX® – High Performance Crystalline Garnet Waterjet Abrasives

HPX® High-Performance Adirondack Garnet Abrasives

Produced from BARTON’s crystalline garnet deposit in the Adirondack Mountains of New York State, BARTON’s HPX® waterjet abrasive line sets the standard for performance and cost-effective cutting. Superior cutting speeds, surface finish and overall efficiency make this the preferred abrasive for precision waterjet operations around the world.

Superior abrasive traits

The grains in BARTON’s HPX garnet have a unique structure that causes them to fracture along crystal cleavage lines. This fracturing produces the very sharp edges that enable HPX to outperform other waterjet abrasives.

Faster cutting

Because BARTON’s Adirondack garnet crystals have sharper, more angular edges, HPX grains cut faster and more easily than other waterjet abrasives.

Better edge quality

HPX waterjet abrasives produce a high-quality edge in the material that is being cut and therefore can be used in demanding applications where finish is important, and where other waterjet abrasives fall short.

Cleaner (less dust)

HPX waterjet abrasives have high garnet purity and very low dust levels. For the customer this translates to less downtime because of clogged nozzles or erratic abrasive feed, and therefore a more cost-efficient operation. A cleaner abrasive also results in a cleaner waste product that is easier to remove and recycle.

BARTON offers eight grades of HPX waterjet abrasives (listed here from the coarsest to the finest). All BARTON waterjet abrasives are manufactured under tight QA/QC processes and are guaranteed to meet your highest standards.

50 HPX®

  • Offers the most powerful cutting performance and speed
  • Used when cutting speed is more important than edge quality
  • Use to cut thick stainless steel, titanium and stone

65 HPX®

  • Combines the cutting power of 50 HPX with the edge quality of 80 HPX
  • Use to cut thick materials where surface finish is important

80 HPX®

  • Provides the greatest versatility for a wide variety of applications
  • Offers fast cutting speed and good edge quality
  • Use to cut wide variety of materials, including all metals, composites, ceramics and stone

85 HPX®

  • Offers the cutting power of 80 HPX with superior edge quality
  • Used on thin to medium-thickness materials, where high speed and exceptional edge quality are required
  • Use to cut a wide wide variety of materials, including all metals, composites, ceramics, and stone

120 HPX®

  • Offers superior edge quality and cutting speed
  • Used for net shape cutting applications to eliminate secondary finishing
  • Use to cut steel, aluminum, glass, ceramics, laminates, composites and other brittle materials

150 HPX®, 220 HPX® and 230 HPX®

  • Specialty grades for applications with very demanding, fine edge requirements
  • Used when small kerf is desired
  • Industries: electronics, communications and precious metals
  • Use to cut composites, printed circuit boards and fiber optic cables

® HPX is a registered trademark of BARTON Mines Corporation

Construction Grade (CG)

CG garnet abrasives are coarse, ultra-aggressive products used for mobile cutting and other specialty applications. Available in several grades, CG products are designed to provide maximum performance and minimum consumption.

  • 36 is the workhorse of the CG line, 36CG provides excellent cutting performance; a proven performer in the petro-chemical and nuclear power industries, as well as in general industry.

Garnet Abrasives Packaging

Standard packages for BARTON garnet abrasives are 55 lb. paper bags, 2,200 lb. bulk bags and 4,400 lb. bulk bags.

Garnet Abrasives Distribution Centers

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