HydroBLOC™ Bricks

Durable and long-lasting, HydroBLOC™ waterjet bricks hold up to the rigors of waterjet cutting.

Features & Benefits of HydroBLOC™ Bricks

  • NEW Superbrick – welded with strategically placed screws for superior durability
  • Parts Retention – the even, flat surface keeps parts from falling into the tank
  • Better Looking Parts – eliminates spray back that can mark the underside of parts
  • Cleaner Cutting Area – special internal design drains water away from the cutting area while reducing splash back
  • Quieter Operation – cutting noise is reduced creating a quieter workspace
  • Flexibility – can be used with abrasive waterjet cutting and water only cutting
  • Durability – made from a tough polypropylene material, HydroBLOC will not separate, allowing for more cuts and greater savings
  • Less Brick Debris – sections of the brick are less likely to fall into the tank; less debris in the tank is easier on garnet removal systems
  • Recyclable – the polypropylene material is 100% recyclable
  • Lightweight – a standard brick weighs 11 lbs., making them easy to change and rotate

> HydroBLOC™ (PDF)