ALLTEK HPA Garnet Abrasives

The workhorse garnet for waterjet cutting


ALLTEK HPA garnet waterjet abrasives are made from top-quality alluvial garnet globally sourced and processed to BARTON’s uncompromising, industry-leading standards. HPA stands for “High Performance Alluvial” and it represents our promise that all HPA garnet abrasives, including the popular 80 mesh, will provide excellent cutting performance, edge quality and operating efficiency. 

  • Reliable Quality
  • Outstanding Value
  • Workhorse Performance

ALLTEK HPA cuts virtually all materials

BARTON ALLTEK HPA waterjet abrasive performs with the speed, edge quality, and surface finish needed for cutting of a variety of materials including steel, aluminum and other sensitive substrates.

ALLTEK HPA comes in two standard waterjet grades

60 HPA

Our most aggressive ALLTEK garnet, 60 mesh is designed for use when cutting speed is of primary importance. It is a good choice for cutting thick or hard materials.

80 HPA

This 80 mesh garnet is the versatile standard of waterjet abrasives, providing good edge quality and solid cutting performance. May be used in virtually any precision waterjet operation.

Standard Packaging: 55-lb. paper bags, 2,200-lb. and 4,400-lb. bulk bags.

The BARTON Group stands behind all our products with a 100% Quality Guarantee.