Waterjet Cutting Abrasives

The Most Extensive Selection in The Industry

Abrasive selection is one of the most important factors in the performance and profitability of your waterjet cutting operation.

A wide variety of factors must enter into your consideration when choosing the right abrasive: the material being cut, its thickness, and the desired edge quality and surface finish requirements influence the choice of hard rock garnet, alluvial garnet, mineral or alternative abrasives. BARTON’s one-of-a-kind, tiered product line is the most extensive in the industry and makes it possible for customers to better match the performance and affordability of the abrasive to their operation and application needs.

Waterjet Cutting Abrasives from BARTON come in a wide variety of grades to match customers’ applications.

BARTON waterjet cutting abrasives


The premier hard rock garnet, ADIRONDACK HPX high-performance garnet abrasives are the industry standard for high-performance and cost-effective waterjet cutting.

  • Cuts faster, deeper, and straighter with better edge quality


A highly versatile, alluvial garnet abrasive. Combines reliable quality and excellent waterjet cutting performance, ideal for a host of applications from thick steel, stone and aluminum to composites, ceramics, glass and more.

  • A workhorse garnet for any application


Recycled garnet abrasive that delivers solid cutting at a competitive price.

  • Eco-friendly waterjet cutting.


Value-priced mineral abrasive for general-purpose cutting applications.

  • Economical, general-purpose waterjet cutting.

Standard packaging for BARTON waterjet abrasives includes 55-lb. paper bags, 2,200-lb. bulk bags and 4,400-lb. bulk bags.

Your BARTON sales representative can help you select an abrasive that will maximize the performance of your waterjet cutting machine.

The BARTON Group® products are manufactured under tight Quality Assurance controls and are guaranteed to meet both your and our exacting standards.