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BARTON HYDROBLOC waterjet bricks

BARTON HYDROBLOC waterjet bricks

Waterjet cutting small and/or brittle parts is an application that can cause production delays when parts fall into the tank and increased end-product rejects when water spray back marks the underside of parts. A great way to gain efficiency and improve performance in such a challenging application is to employ BARTON’s HYDROBLOC waterjet bricks on your cutting table.


This video shows how HYDROBLOC waterjet bricks are used and how you can keep small or brittle parts from shattering or falling through tank slats during cutting.


This video helps guide you through the easy, efficient placement of HYDROBLOC bricks and demonstrates best practices to extend the life of your bricks by:

  • Clamping them in place
  • Raising the water level in your tank during cutting
  • Flipping bricks over when wear occurs

Learn more about how HYDROBLOC waterjet bricks can improve cutting performance and efficiency.