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BARTON Garnet Maximizes Your Blasting Performance

Did you know that very little garnet is required to produce a clean, uniform finish when compared to other blast media? In general, you will use only about half as much garnet as compared to coal slag, saving both time and money.

Price per pound is not the best way to judge the cost of your blast media

Frequently, an abrasive is selected based on the price per pound (or ton). While this factors into the equation, too often buyers view price per pound as a flat expense to be added to the total cost of a project. However, this approach is not an effective way to truly evaluate the investment in the abrasive or the total project cost.

The proper way to evaluate abrasive cost is by the cost per area cleaned.

BARTON garnet cleans more in less time and can lower overall project costs

In the simplest terms, an abrasive that has a higher unit cost per pound but cleans more area in less time is almost always the better value. When all the costs of a project are considered (abrasive, labor, rental equipment, safety and disposal), a more effective abrasive has the ability to dramatically reduce the overall cost of project completion. A higher-performance abrasive like BARTON garnet will reduce the abrasive consumption as well as enable job completion in less time. That saves on rental costs and labor, gets the asset back in service sooner, and gets your crew on to the next job safely and more quickly.

Abrasive blasting is a complex process with numerous variables that impact performance. The garnet grade required for a particular application is determined primarily by the profile specified and the thickness and type of coating/contaminant to be removed.

We can help you select the best garnet for your next project. Here are our two most widely used blasting abrasives:

ADIRONDACK 30/60 CG is an award-winning domestic hard rock garnet used to remove heavy coatings and rust. Mined and processed at our Adirondack operation, ADIRONDACK garnet is the cleanest garnet in the world. It’s widely used at shipyards and petrochemical plants, and typically produces a 2.5-4.0 mil profile on steel.

ALLTEK 30/60 Plus is a globally sourced, top-quality alluvial garnet abrasive. It is a general-purpose grade used for new steel and maintenance work on coatings up to 20 mils. 30/60 Plus is used for tank projects, facility maintenance, powder coating projects and more, and it typically produces a 2.5–3.5 mil profile on steel.

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