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Abrasive Selection Impacts the Overall Profitability of Your Operation

Choosing the right abrasive is important, as it impacts cutting performance and the profitability of every waterjet project.

Barton garnet abrasive

A wide variety of factors must be taken into account when choosing a waterjet abrasive: the material being cut, its thickness, the desired edge quality, and the surface-finish requirements. Each of these influences whether a hard rock garnet or alluvial garnet would be the best choice.


To help make that decision, shop owners, estimators, and project managers can access our easy-to-use online Abrasive Value Calculator. Using shop-specific data, the calculator will generate a cost comparison of HPX hard rock garnet and HPA alluvial garnet. Factors such as abrasive cost, cutting speed, and hourly shop rate are included in the calculation to determine which product offers the best value.

Try the Abrasive Value Calculator for Yourself

Use the calculator to see which BARTON high-performance garnet is the best value for your cutting application.

Optimize Your Cutting Performance

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