BARTON Specials and Efficiency Tips

BARTON is committed to supporting our customers by helping you maximize operational and performance efficiency. This page is dedicated to promoting our current specials as well as giving you quick access to resources and helpful tools.

The Quality of Your Abrasive Impacts Your Operating Efficiency

Every day we talk to owners, operators and buyers who are looking for ways to improve their production efficiencies. Understanding and using the right-quality abrasive can deliver optimum performance, regardless of the application. BARTON garnet is the finest-quality abrasive in the market today. It is proven to be more consistent, cleaner, and produce less dust than any other mineral abrasive.

In addition, our strict quality-control processes reduce the risk factors caused by product moisture, excess fines and inconsistent particle size from compromising your production performance.

BARTON Quality Increases Waterjet Cutting Efficiency

In waterjet operations, lower-quality abrasives can cause clogging and affect the precision of the cut, cutting speed, kerf and the amount of abrasive used. BARTON garnet abrasives eliminate these issues and are proven to deliver more operating efficiency through:

  • Faster, cleaner cutting.
  • Smoother, more precise edges.
  • Consistent particle size.
  • Reduced downtime due to clogging.
  • Less dusting.

BARTON Quality Saves Blasting Time, Improves Productivity

Surface preparation with lower-quality materials can affect not only speed and performance but also safety and the worker environment. BARTON garnet blast media is proven to remove surface materials faster and provide a better surface finish than other blasting abrasives. Buying BARTON garnet sand reduces the health and environmental risks such as exposure to respirable quartz. Our garnet media maximizes operating efficiency through:

  • Blasting is completed more quickly.
  • Less dust for a safer work environment.
  • Uniform surface finish and profile.
  • Better coating adhesion.

BARTON Quality Is Everything

It takes a lot to turn a mined boulder into BARTON-quality garnet abrasive. Read more about our four-step Quality Process

We have a quality standard all our own — the highest in the industry. It is a standard that we strive to maintain every day through strict quality control. It involves a rigorous, multistep process aligned with ISO Certification and ANSI Standards that allows us to serve a variety of industries, including those with strict regulations such as medical and aerospace. We are proud to report that over the past 5 years less than 0.02% of all products sold has had a product quality related issue.

Our four-step process followed for all BARTON garnet abrasives involves:

It is a carefully controlled process developed to ensure consistent particle size, enhance product purity and deliver maximum performance and efficiency to your operation.

“Customers have told us they switched to BARTON because the abrasive proved to be the best value based on the performance, consistency, cleanliness and safety.”

Vickie Berwaldt,
VP of Sales Operations

BARTON Garnet. 100% Pure Almandine.

All BARTON garnet abrasives are 100% pure almandine garnet and backed by our 100% Quality Guarantee.

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