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How to choose the right mixing tube for maximum waterjet cutting efficiency

The performance advantages of using the right mixing tube (aka nozzle) on your waterjet equipment are proven. The mixing tube increases cutting speed and efficiency. It helps focus and maintain a high-velocity stream of abrasive, allowing your waterjet machine to cut a wide range of materials such as metal, ceramic or composites.

In addition to enhanced cutting speed and flexibility, a high-quality mixing tube also minimizes kerf inaccuracies and maximizes precision while maintaining the optimum jet pattern and abrasive velocity. High-quality mixing tubes also reduce wear and the need for downtime to replace worn or damaged tubes.

Choosing the right mixing tube for your application.

BARTON offers ROCTEC the industry’s proven performance leader for waterjet nozzles and mixing tubes. Among many other performance advantages, ROCTEC nozzles provide greater dimensional accuracy and the ability to perform longer, uninterrupted cuts. These enhancements ensure a more cost-effective cutting process. BARTON carries the complete line of ROCTEC mixing tubes — ROCTEC 100, ROCTEC 500 and ROCTEC APX — in a wide range of sizes.

ROCTEC APX: Delivers the longest, most-reliable period of precision cutting in the industry.

  • No premature nozzle failure and parts scrap
  • Faster production speeds, predictable accuracy and longer wear
  • Extends nozzle life up to 20% over ROCTEC 500

ROCTEC 500: The most trusted waterjet nozzle for faster, long-duration, precision cutting.

  • 24X greater wear-resistance than tungsten carbide/cobalt nozzles
  • Typically lasts 30% to 40% longer than ROCTEC 100

ROCTEC 100: The waterjet cutting industry workhorse for general applications.

  • Moderate to high-pressure cutting
  • Rough cutting and non-metallic materials

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