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Waterjet Cutting Stories

Precision Waterjet Cutting Gains Competitive Edge

Adirondack HPX delivers improved cutting speed

Every business seeks it, but not every business finds it: the competitive advantage that places them a cut above the rest.

IRC Aluminum and Stainless, based in Portland, Oregon, was founded as a stainless steel and aluminum distributor in 1981. The service center shifted into high gear in 1995 when it purchased its first industrial waterjet cutting system. At the time, IRC envisioned the investment as a way to separate itself from its metal service center peers and gain an edge in serving the growing aluminum boat building industry in the Pacific Northwest. (Download the complete article from FF Journal)

Read the complete article from FF Journal (PDF)

Waterjet Gives Lugers the Edge

Piloting a luge demands extraordinary strength, skill, and courage. As their sleds zoom through the curves, turns, and straightaways of, a 1-mile track made of packed snow and ice, the athletes on the USA Luge team go at speeds up to 90 MPH and withstand forc­es up to 7 Gs. One-thousandth of a second can make the difference between gold and silver. Download the complete article in the May edition of The Fabricator (PDF)

Abrasive Shortage Sent Fabricator on Frantic Search

BARTON STL abrasive was the perfect solution

Imagine a custom metal fabrication shop that cuts, forms, machines, welds and finishes hoppers and chutes and everything in between, using all types of metals, for the dairy and food processing industries, as well as the wastewater and pharmaceuticals sectors. A local farmer might even come in from the field needing quick fabrication of a bracket. Now, imagine that fab shop running out of the waterjet abrasive upon which its business depends. It nearly happened to Union Grove, Wisconsin-based American Metalcraft Industries (AMI), which unexpectedly had to find a new source of waterjet cutting abrasives

Read the complete article from FF Journal (PDF)

Woods Hole feels BARTON’s Adirondack HPX hard rock garnet abrasive is essential to their waterjet operation

Adirondack HPX hard rock garnet abrasive.

On any given day, the team at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute fabricate manned submersibles, tethered vehicles and autonomous, free-swimming craft that operate under Antarctic ice, in temperate Atlantic waters, or in the black waters of Challenger Dee, the deepest known point in the Earth’s hydrosphere

Read full article in the FF Journal (PDF)


Job shop discovers that the quality of BARTON Garnet makes it the right abrasive for their shop

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Barton Offers waterjet abrasives for waterjet cutting

Waterjet Cutting

Well-suited for a broad spectrum of waterjet cutting applications, BARTON waterjet abrasives deliver consistent cutting performance and value.