Abrasive Transfer Hopper & Stand

The BARTON abrasive hopper is designed for use with bulk bags and has a total capacity of 4,400-lb.

The optional stand may be placed over a standard 6-cubic-foot abrasive delivery pot. The hopper is designed for accurate and safe positioning on top of the stand. Made in the USA.

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● Convenient sight glass for easy viewing of abrasive level
● 2" brass ball valve with hose for expedient filling of abrasive delivery pot
● Protective cover to keep the abrasive free of debris
● Can be used with multiple 6-cubic-foot abrasive pots


● Saves labor — eliminates the time spent handling individual 55-lb. bags
● Increases safety — minimize the chance of injury from handling 55-lb. bags
● Minimizes clogs — no paper bags, minimizing the risk of torn paper in the abrasive
● Maintenance free


● Includes anchor bolts and connecting pins

Abrasive Transfer Hopper

45"L x 45"W x 68"H; shipping weight is 600 lbs.
Part # WAH00001

Optional Stand

45"L x 45"W x 53"H; shipping weight is 380 lbs.
Part # WAH00002

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