BARTON Quality Is Everything

BARTON Highest-Quality Garnet Abrasives

The BARTON commitment to quality is seen in everything we do. Our strict quality assurance (QA) policy guarantees that your abrasive will perform precisely as expected, day in and day out. BARTON follows a rigorous, four-step, quality control (QC) process across all BARTON products that eliminates the kind of factors that compromise the quality and performance of the garnet, factors such as:

  • Moisture in the product
  • Inconsistent particle size

  • Ultra-fines and dust

  • Low purity due to non-garnet contaminants

BARTON garnet abrasive is regularly tested by independent third-party laboratories for the presence of heavy metals, silica, and respirable quartz. Our garnet has been consistently verified to contain no heavy metals and less than 0.1% respirable free quartz (silica), both of which are important for operator health and safety in blasting and waterjet cutting operations. In addition, we conduct in-house, real-use air monitoring to ensure quality is maintained in all our production facilities.

Our production team performs stringent batch testing on every lot of garnet produced to ensure consistent quality. Plus, we retain 12 months of product samples enabling us to readily access production data for each bag of garnet we sell. Our QC process even extends to our equipment, with daily inspections conducted at all of our sites. We are proud to report that over the past 5 years less than 0.02% of all products sold has had a product quality issue.



Garnet concentrate testing using CANTY process technology

BARTON 4-Step Garnet Processing

BARTON garnet abrasives are processed to the highest quality level throughout the manufacturing process. Our four-step process ensures high purity, high quality and maximum productivity and performance.

You can trust that BARTON garnet abrasives are processed to achieve the highest possible quality, product purity, consistent particle size and maximum productivity for your operation.

That’s BARTON Quality: Tested. Trusted. Proven.

BARTON Quality Garnet.

BARTON garnet manufacturing processes include quality measures adopted from ISO, TQM, ANSI and ASQ. Quality control measures like these allow us to stand behind every product we sell with a 100% Quality Guarantee. We meet vendor quality certification requirements for clients in the most highly regulated industries including the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulated medical devices, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulated aircraft parts, and Department of Defense (DOD) regulated naval shipyards.

Contact Customer Service at 800-741-7756 if you have specific quality requirements or questions about BARTON product quality.