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HYDROBLOC®  Superbrick Durable and Long-Lasting

Holds Up to the Rigors of Waterjet Cutting

HYDROBLOC Superbrick is welded and strategically screwed for superior durability.

Part Retention
The even, flat cutting surface prevents parts from falling into the tank.

Better-Looking Parts
HYDROBLOC bricks eliminate spray back that can mark the underside of parts.

Cleaner Cutting
Internal design drains water away from the cutting area, reducing splash back.

Quieter Operation
Cutting noise is reduced, creating a quieter and more productive workspace.

HYDROBLOC can be used with abrasive waterjet cutting and water-only cutting.

Made from a tough polypropylene material, HYDROBLOC will not separate, allowing for
more cuts and greater savings. HYDROBLOC Superbricks are the most durable bricks on the market.

Less Brick Debris
Easier on garnet removal systems.

The polypropylene material is 100% recyclable.

A standard brick weighs 11 lbs., making it easy to change and rotate.

Shipped from a warehouse near you.

Call to Order 800-741-7756 or Email orders@BARTON.com

Part #WX404005 (3.85″ x 6″ x 48″)

Made in the USA

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