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Abrasive Blasting Stories

Adirondack Garnet Helps MAC Refurbish Aircraft Carrier

BARTON Adirondack® Garnet Helps Mid-Atlantic Coatings Refurbish Aircraft Carrier and Win SSPC Award of Excellence


Mid-Atlantic Coatings, Inc. (MAC) of Chesapeake, VA, is an environmentally conscious, highly regarded, marine blasting and coatings contractor that employs hundreds of skilled employees and a team of SSPC certified coating specialists. The company was Read more

July 18th, 2019|

Shipyard Reduces Surface Blasting Costs with BARTON

East Coast shipyard reduces blasting costs almost 30% with BARTON

Coal or copper slag has long been the standard shipyard blasting abrasive because of its low price. But a comparison trial convinced an East Coast shipyard that they could realize significant savings by switching to garnet despite its higher initial cost. Watch Read more

June 24th, 2008|
Barton offers high performance garnet abrasives for blasting applications

Abrasive Blasting

From coarse through fine, BARTON offers garnet abrasives for a wide range of blasting applications.