TRIDENT 2 – Waterjet Cutting Head with Revolutionary Cartridge Technology

Trident 2 Waterjet cutting head from BARTONExclusively from BARTON, an industry leader in high-performance waterjet cutting products, TRIDENT 2 is the most advanced integrated diamond waterjet cutting head available.

The revolutionary advanced cartridge technology creates absolute alignment between the diamond orifice and the nozzle/mixing tube.
● Superior Accuracy
● Extended Nozzle Life
● Reduced Abrasive Consumption
● Lower Operating Costs & Greater Productivity

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Factory-Aligned Cartridge

The TRIDENT 2 offers all the advantages of an integrated diamond design with the versatility of a replaceable orifice. A superior cutting head with revolutionary cartridge technology that ensures perfect orifice-to-nozzle alignment.

Cartridge Technology for Superior Accuracy

● The cartridge is factory machined in perfect alignment, resulting in zero stack-up errors between the diamond orifice and the cutting head assembly.
● Each cartridge is precision machined around a simulated jet stream to ensure perfect orifice-to-nozzle alignment.
● A diamond orifice ensures stream quality remains optimized over the life of the cartridge.

Extended Orifice and Nozzle Life

● A diamond orifice is far superior to ruby or sapphire orifices, offering longer life and greater reliability as well as minimizing the chance of failure.
● Perfect orifice-to-nozzle alignment creates a straighter stream, equating to longer nozzle life

Lower Operating Costs

● Superior accuracy, faster cutting with less abrasive consumption.
● The replaceable Diamond Orifice Cartridge can be swapped out for jobs requiring a different orifice size, extending the life and expanding the versatility of the cutting head.
● Diamond Orifice Cartridge is guaranteed for 500 hours when used with a Short Stop Filter assembly.

Greater Productivity, Less Downtime

● Efficient design means less maintenance and increased production.
● More efficient abrasive particle acceleration yields maximum cutting power.
● Absolute alignment of jewel and nozzle optimizes cutting power and speed.

Short Stop Filter

The Short Stop Filter effectively prevents in-line contaminants from damaging orifice assemblies by blocking debris from the most common sources within any high-pressure waterjet system. Installing our exclusive filter will boost productivity and reduce orifice-related maintenance. Use of the Short Stop Filter is a requirement of the TRIDENT 2 warranty.
● Easily retrofitted.
● Robust construction — will not disintegrate like screen filters.

BARTON Waterjet parts for the Trident 2 Waterjet cutting head

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diamond orifice cartridge for the BARTON Trident 2 Waterjet cutting head


short stop filter for the BARTON Trident 2 Waterjet cutting head

short stop filter for the BARTON Trident 2 Waterjet cutting head