ADIRONDACK® Garnet – The hardest and sharpest abrasive in the world

Ideal for waterjet cutting and abrasive blasting

The World’s Highest-Quality Garnet Abrasives

Our ADIRONDACK garnet abrasive delivers the BARTON advantage. Our mine yields the sharpest, hardest garnet media on Earth, with unbeatable quality and durability. Named for the Adirondack Mountains where it is exclusively mined by The BARTON Group, ADIRONDACK garnet’s unique crystalline structure produces highly angular, sharp-edged grains.

Hardest Garnet Media

The structure of ADIRONDACK hard rock garnet causes it to fracture into sharp-edged grains. No matter how small they are crushed, the crystals never have a blunt or worn edge. It is this self-sharpening characteristic that makes our Adirondack deposit the best source of industrial garnet found anywhere in the world.

BARTON ADRIONDACK garnet abrasive

ADIRONDACK garnet abrasive

The crystalline garnet ore is mined from an open pit and crushed before being separated into grades and products. A large, state-of-the-art concentrate mill uses multiple stage separation techniques to produce a high-purity, high-quality feed stock for the finished-goods mills.

BARTON ADIRONDACK garnet abrasive is produced with strict, comprehensive, internal quality control standards adopted from ISO, TQM, ANSI, ASQ resulting in the cleanest, most precisely graded blasting and waterjet cutting abrasives in the world — we guarantee it.

ADIRONDACK HPX – The Premier Garnet Abrasive for Waterjet Cutting

Developed in cooperation with the pioneers of abrasive waterjet technology and produced to specifications tailored to the industry, ADIRONDACK HPX is the abrasive waterjet cutting equipment is designed for. Read about ADIRONDACK HPX for Waterjet Cutting

Waterjet Customers Make the Case for ADIRONDACK HPX

Read about how Fenton Mobility Products, a manufacturer of seat bases for wheelchair passengers waterjet cuts A514 Grade B ½-inch plate steel to make its safety latches. They  turned to BARTON Adirondack for an efficient alternative to the 80-mesh alluvial garnet they had been using. Read the complete article from FF Journal (PDF)

ADIRONDACK CG – The World Standard Garnet Blasting

Hard, heavy and durable, ADIRONDACK CG garnet is the industry’s best-performing blast media for faster cleaning and impeccable surface quality. Read about ADIRONDACK CG for Garnet Blasting

Blasting Customers Make the Case for ADIRONDACK CG

Read about how over 6,500 tons of BARTON garnet were specifically engineered to help Mid-Atlantic Coatings (MAC) of Chesapeake, VA, refurbish the USS George Washington, CVN-73 aircraft carrier and with SSPC award of Excellence.  Read MAC’s full case history HERE

The BARTON Group® stands behind all our products with a 100% Quality Guarantee.