Consistently Graded Abrasives to Match Every Waterjet Cutting Application

BARTON abrasives for waterjet cutting are available in more than a dozen grades across our ADIRONDACK, ALLTEK, FUSION and ECOTEK product lines.

BARTON’s unequalled line of high-performance abrasives give you the ability to choose the right grade for every application. Whatever your industry, whether you are cutting thick, heavy metals and stone, or thin, delicate materials, there is a BARTON waterjet abrasive grade that performs with the speed, edge quality and surface finish you need for cutting:

● Steel
● Titanium
● Stone

● Aluminum
● Composites
● Ceramics

● Glass
● Laminates
● Brittle materials

● Fiber-optic cables
● Printed circuit boards
● Precious metals

Barton Offers waterjet abrasives for waterjet cutting

Waterjet Cutting

Well-suited for a broad spectrum of waterjet cutting applications, BARTON waterjet abrasives deliver consistent cutting performance and value.