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BART® Abrasive Removal Tool

BART achieves abrasive removal rates of over 3,000 lbs./hr. The BARTON Abrasive Removal Tool – BART has revolutionized the way operators remove spent garnet from their abrasive waterjet systems. Introduced in 2009, BART is an easy-to-use, portable abrasive removal system. Since its introduction, hundreds of waterjet operators have used this remarkably convenient, efficient, versatile, cost-effective piece of equipment.

No Downtime — Maximize Cutting

● There is no need to shut down, or remove the slats from the table. Simply place the BART Wand between the slats to remove spent garnet as you continue cutting.

Easy to Use

● Simple to assemble and easy to operate.
● Requires a 2.5-3.0 gpm, 2500-3000 psi pressure washer.
● Efficient design combined with effective technology works hard so you don’t have to!

Low Maintenance

● No moving parts, pumps or filters; a single wear part — the Jet Nozzle.
● Garnet is pulled up the Wand and discharged through the hose, never coming into contact with the pressure washer.
● A fraction of the cost of other abrasive removal systems.

Portable — Use on Multiple Machines

● Lightweight and portable, the system can be used on multiple machines.

Watch how easy it is to remove spent garnet with BART

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® BART is a registered trademark of BARTON Mines Corporation.

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Helps suspended solids settle quickly in the collection vessel so water returned to the table is free of abrasive.


The most convenient method of collecting and transporting spent abrasive.


The diffuser helps suspended solids settle quickly in the collection vessel so water returned to the table is free of abrasive. Convenient for customers who dispose of abrasive in 55-gallon drums.