Save time and improve safety with an abrasive transfer hopper

Wade knows pretty much all there is to know about waterjet cutting. He’s been running his own shop for nearly two decades. Even so, he says it was quite the revelation when he bought his first BARTON Garnet Abrasive Transfer Hopper last year. In one fell swoop, he improved efficiencies, cleaned up the shop floor, and made his employees safer and happier. The benefits were so great that he added two more transfer hoppers to his other waterjet tables.

The BARTON hopper serves as a bulk supply and distribution bin, holding up to 4,400 pounds of garnet abrasive and automatically feeding it to the delivery pot in the right quantities at the right speed — eliminating the cumbersome handling of 55-pound bags.

If your shop has multiple cutting stations or frequently performs long-duration cuts, you know can easily things can get bogged down when operators have to lift, carry, open, empty and discard bag after bag of abrasive to keep the job running.

Wade’s team has said good-bye to those days, as well as the stress and strain those bags exacted on their bodies.
In addition, the BARTON transfer hopper:

  • Minimizes nozzle clogs by eliminating the risk of torn paper getting into the abrasive
  • Reduces abrasive waste and improves housekeeping by eliminating the spillage that often occurs when emptying abrasive from paper bags into a standard hopper
  • Improves sustainability – bulk abrasive bags are recyclable
  • Is maintenance-free. There are no moving parts.

One of three transfer hoppers installed at Wade’s waterjet operation.

The hopper and stand measure 45” x 45” x 120.5” in total, with the 59” stand designed to accommodate most standard six-cubic-foot abrasive pots.

There’s a protective cover to keep out debris and other contaminants, and a full-height sight glass that allows for close monitoring of abrasive levels. Plus, the hopper can be refilled BEFORE it runs out of abrasive, helping keep your operation running without interruption.

Finally, the rugged steel hopper stand includes heavy anchor bolts and connecting pins for safe, accurate installation.

Take it from Wade, the BARTON Garnet Abrasive Transfer Hopper can do wonders for the performance and efficiency of your waterjet operation. To learn more, give us a call at 800-741-7756.

Note: Wade is the owner of a 10,000 square foot waterjet cutting operation in Georgia. Established in 1998, the facility has three Flow abrasive waterjet machines and specializes in flooring, signage and architectural applications. We thank Wade for sharing his story.