East Coast shipyard reduces blasting costs almost 30% with BARTON

Coal or copper slag has long been the standard shipyard blasting abrasive because of its low price. But a comparison trial convinced an East Coast shipyard that they could realize significant savings by switching to garnet despite its higher initial cost. Watch our case study video.

Trial parameters were to remove 12-20 mil epoxy coating and 3/16” non-skid surface from an Army landing vessel that had been brought in for general refurbishment. All blasted surfaces were to be brought to an SSPC-10 finish.

Open nozzle time and garnet consumption were closely monitored and compared with data from blasting with alternative slags. The results with the garnet supplied by BARTON were impressive:
• Abrasive consumption – 69% LESS
• Disposal costs – 69% LESS
• Total blasting time – 36% LESS
• Dust generation – 75% LESS

By switching to garnet supplied by BARTON, the shipyard is assured of getting top-quality results and excellent value, together with many added operational benefits.

Worker safety and visibility are greatly improved in the low dust environment, and blasting is now possible regardless of wind direction.

Cost-Efficient – Garnet sold by BARTON cuts faster, minimizes consumption, maximizes productivity.
Low Dust Generation – Improves operator safety and visibility, reduces cleanup costs.
Safety Approved – Little to no risk to human health or the environment. Most garnet products sold by BARTON are MIL-Spec certified.
Superior Surface Preparation – Ideal for use on steel, stainless steel, aluminum and other substrates. Improves coating adhesion and durability by producing a clean substrate with a uniform surface profile.

Abrasive Performance Comparison

The average air pressure at venturi nozzles was 100 psi based on multiple daily needle gauge readings.

New Schmidt Microvalves were used, open 1.5-1.75 turns.