Waterjet Abrasives

Garnet Abrasives for Waterjet Cutting

Barton's HPX and HPA abrasives can be used in most water jet cutting applications

BARTON’s family of high-performance garnet abrasives is well suited to a broad spectrum of waterjet cutting applications. We offer the only comprehensive line of HPX® and HPA® waterjet abrasives that deliver consistent cutting performance and value.

With eight grades, our HPX line of high-performance Adirondack Garnet abrasives sets the standard for performance and cost-effective waterjet cutting.

Our HPA high-performance alluvial garnet waterjet abrasives come in three grades combining excellent performance and outstanding economy.

Since 1983, BARTON has worked closely with leading equipment manufacturers to develop the highest performing products available. Whatever the need, BARTON has the right abrasive product and the right grade to optimize your cutting performance.

Distribution Centers

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