World-Class Garnet Abrasives for Surface Preparation

Higher Productivity, Lower Costs

BARTON Garnet is harder, heavier and more durable than other abrasive blasting media. It cuts faster and significantly increases productivity while reducing abrasive consumption. Reduced abrasive consumption leads to significant savings in shipping, handling and disposal. Garnet is ideally suited to recycling when used in blast-room settings, typically providing three to five turns, making it one of the most economical mineral abrasives on the market.

Superior Surface Quality

BARTON garnet grains scour deep into cavities and pitted areas down to bare metal, thoroughly removing all rust, soluble salts and other contaminants. Our garnet abrasives are ideal for use on steel, stainless steel, aluminum and other substrates. BARTON garnet products improve coating adhesion and coating life by producing a clean substrate with a uniform surface profile virtually free of embedded particles, rogue peaks and troughs.

Low Dusting, Safe to Use

BARTON garnet is a 100% natural, nonferrous inert mineral with <0.1% respirable crystalline silica and no heavy metals. Our garnet poses little or no health or environmental risks, and it produces less dust than many other blasting abrasives resulting in improved visibility, less disruption to adjoining work areas and safer working conditions.

Our garnet abrasives meet all current industry standards and are certified by the California Air Resources Board (CARB) for permissible dry outdoor blasting.

CAS number 1302-62-1, almandine and pyrope garnet.

Extensive Blast Media Product Line

BARTON’s blasting abrasives offer you choice and flexibility for meeting specific application, performance and budgetary needs.

ADIRONDACK The most refined hard rock garnet abrasive in the world delivers faster cleaning and impeccable surface quality.

  • 36 CG – Construction-grade cleaning power where removal speed is a priority. Used to remove thick coatings, marine fouling (20–50 mils) and rust. Typically produces a 3.5–4.5 mil profile on steel.
  • 30/60 CG – Used to remove heavier coatings (up to 40 mils) and rust while controlling profile. Typically produces a 2.5–4.0 mil profile on steel.

ALLTEK Globally sourced alluvial garnet processed to BARTON’s high quality standards offering excellent performance and surface quality.

  • 30/60 PLUS – Workhorse grade used for new steel and maintenance work on coatings up to 20 mils. Typically produces a 2.5–3.5 mil profile on steel.
  • 80 HPA® – Used on steel, aluminum and other sensitive substrates. Typically produces a 2.0–2.8 mil profile on steel.

FUSION A custom blend of ALLTEK alluvial garnet and ECOTEK STL staurolite for a general-purpose abrasive at a value price. (CAS number 1302-62-1 almandine garnet / CAS number 12182-56-8 staurolite)

  • 80 – Used for single-pass applications on new steel where consistent profile is critical. Typically produces a 2.0–2.5 mil profile on steel.

Abrasive blasting with BARTON garnet video.

Abrasive Blasting

From coarse through fine, BARTON offers garnet abrasives for a wide range of blasting applications.