How HYDROBLOC bricks can improve cutting performance

You want your waterjet craftsmanship to make a splash when it’s done, not when you’re working on it.

Whether it’s a tiny part falling through the slats into the water tank, or water splashing back against the underside of your work, standard waterjet cutting tables are not ideal for every job.

If you’re cutting materials that are small, soft, brittle or otherwise susceptible to slippage or damage, you really should consider investing in a waterjet brick — a versatile accessory that fits easily over your table’s slats to provide greater stability, keep small parts in place, and protect your work from backsplash damage.

We’re partial to HYDROBLOC Superbricks.
Let me tell you why.

HYDROBLOC Superbricks:

  • provide a level surface onto which parts can be fastened to minimize the risk they’ll fall into the tank
  • offer greater support than standard metal slats, which is particularly important when cutting small parts or thin, brittle materials like glass
  • feature a unique honeycomb design that drains water away from the cutting area and captures cutting debris, minimizing splash-back damage to the underside of your work.

But don’t take just our word for it. Here’s an email we received from a satisfied customer, along with the photo.

I ordered a sample of your HYDROBLOC …  I also ordered a brick from a company that I found online claiming to have the best bricks sold. I placed your HYDROBLOC on the right side of the attached picture (which is our “home” corner and gets the most usage). I placed the other company’s next to yours, and our existing brick (the white one) next in line. All have been on for 2 weeks now running about 12 – 18 hours per day, 7 days each week.

As you can see from the picture, your brick has very little wear on it compared to the other two. I have sent your information to our purchasing department who should be contacting you to set-up an account and start placing order with you once our existing stock is depleted. Again, I just wanted to say thank you and I look forward to the upgrade that we will see using your bricks.

Customer photo showing HYDROBLOC on right

HYDROBLOC Superbricks are made from high-density polypropylene layers which are strategically engineered and assembled with a unique weld-and-screw process for unrivaled durability. Each brick measures 48” x 6” x 3.85” and weighs just 11 lbs. for easy handling and installation right over the top of your normal tank slats. Plus, in keeping with Barton’s commitment to workplace safety and environmental protection, our HYDROBLOC Superbricks are sound absorbent to reduce workplace noise and 100% recyclable.

To learn more about how HYDROBLOC Superbricks can help deliver superior performance and save you time and money when cutting small parts or easily damaged materials, visit

HYDROBLOC superbrick in use on waterjet table