• The Barton Vision

    The Barton Vision

    To be the global leader in the garnet abrasives industry, providing the highest quality and most innovative abrasive solutions and services.

  • New! Barton GTX Blasting Abrasives

    New! Barton GTX Blasting Abrasives

    Introducing a new blasting abrasive offering exceptional economy, uniform surface finish, and safety compared to coal slag and silica sand abrasives.

  • Barton’s Superior Waterjet Abrasives

    Barton's Superior Waterjet Abrasives

    With eight grades, our HPX high-performance waterjet abrasives are the industry standard for performance and cost-effective waterjet cutting.

  • Barton’s Garnet is Harder and Heavier

    Barton's Garnet is Harder and Heavier

    Barton’s range of garnet abrasives cut faster and last longer, significantly increasing productivity while reducing consumption of abrasive media.

  • We Have Waterjet Parts

    We Have Waterjet Parts

    Barton offers the industry’s most comprehensive selection of replacement parts and accessories for waterjet cutting equipment.

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For more than 130 years, Barton has produced the world’s highest quality garnet abrasives for waterjet cutting, coatings removal, surface preparation and other specialized applications. Barton is the global leader in waterjet abrasives, offering the only comprehensive line of high performance hard rock (HPX) and alluvial (HPA) garnet waterjet abrasives plus spare parts for water jet cutting systems. Our full line of Mil-Spec and CARB approved garnet blasting abrasives provide superior safety and maximum productivity for all industrial applications.

Blast Abrasives


Barton supplies high
performance garnet abrasives
for a wide variety of
blasting applications.

Waterjet Abrasives


Barton's family of high performance
garnet waterjet abrasives are
engineered for a broad
spectrum of applications.

Waterjet Parts Store

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Barton offers the industry's most
comprehensive selection of
replacement parts for
waterjet cutting equipment.