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Customers and community members often have technical and application questions about the proper selection, performance, and use of BARTON abrasives and waterjet parts.

In addition to the information found elsewhere on this website, this section is provided by various experts at The BARTON Group regarding topics that have come up frequently in conversation with customers. We hope you find the information helpful. Of course, if you have a question that’s not addressed in this section, don’t hesitate to call 800-741-7756. BARTON customer service professionals are always ready to answer your questions.

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Does BARTON sell OEM waterjet parts?

BARTON sells genuine Flow and genuine OMAX waterjet parts. We also carry aftermarket parts produced by alternate manufacturers. Visit our e-store to see our complete array of waterjet parts.

How do I find prices for waterjet parts?

Prices can be found in our e-store.

Are HYDROBLOC waterjet bricks recyclable?

HYDROBLOC waterjet bricks are made out of polypropylene which is a recyclable plastic.  Please note that the waste plastic from the bricks that has settled in your waterjet tank will need to be separated from the spent abrasive and the debris from the materials that have been cut. We recommend contacting your waste removal company to make sure they are willing to accept this material for recycling.

Does BARTON offer free shipping?

Free domestic ground shipping is available on orders of waterjet parts purchased at totaling $500 (not including tax) for delivery in the continental United States, not including Alaska and Hawaii.

What do I need to do to buy replacement parts online from Barton?

BARTON has 1,000’s of genuine OEM and aftermarket waterjet parts available for purchase at A BARTON customer account is required to make purchases online. Download a credit application to set up an account . If you already have an account, contact us to request login credentials for the e-store.

Can I get next day delivery of waterjet parts?

Waterjet parts orders received by 3PM Eastern Time, Monday – Friday typically ship the same day, and you can request next day delivery service. FOB point is Petersburg, VA or Fullerton, CA.

How do I calculate how much garnet I will need for my application?

Total garnet required for any waterjet cutting application is calculated by the OEM software. Orifice/nozzle configuration will determine the recommended abrasive flow rate per minute. Once abrasive flow is determined, flow rate can be multiplied by the total inches per minute to determine the required volume of garnet. The OEM software may produce a summary sheet to provide this data. Consult your waterjet OEM with any questions.

How do I remove spent garnet from my waterjet tank?

The BARTON Abrasive Removal Tool (BART) is a convenient and effective tool for removing spent garnet from your waterjet tank. BART complements any type of central abrasive removal system. BART can clean many areas of the waterjet tank that the central removal systems don’t effectively clean, and BART produces higher removal rates on an hourly basis. Learn more.

Can glass be cut on a waterjet?

Yes, glass can be cut on a waterjet. Depending on the thickness, glass may flex during cutting and therefore should be fully supported on a flat level surface. HYDROBLOC waterjet bricks are a good support and will reduce the chance of frosting on the bottom of the glass. We recommend ADIRONDACK 120 HPX for cutting glass as it minimizes micro-fracturing.

Can garnet be used to etch with a waterjet?

BARTON garnet abrasives can be used to etch using a waterjet. However not all waterjet equipment has the software required for etching. Check your users manual to determine if your model and software has etching capabilities.

How do I minimize the kerf loss?

The primary factors on kerf loss are nozzle diameter and orifice selection. Using a larger nozzle than needed will increase kerf loss. Orifice alignment will also affect kerf loss. Improper orifice alignment will cause the stream to bounce inside the nozzle and will decrease nozzle life and lead to additional kerf loss. If common line cutting can be utilized in the software it can reduce kerf loss. The TRIDENT cutting head will insure proper orifice alignment and help to reduce kerf loss.

How do I adjust my waterjet to use BARTON abrasives?

Any changes of waterjet grades or abrasives from different suppliers will require recalibration of the abrasive flow rate. Because particle size distributions (PSD) vary from supplier to supplier abrasive will flow at different rates. Once the abrasive flow rate has been calculated, the measured feed rate must be entered into the OEM software. Learn more.

HPX is often the higher priced waterjet abrasive. Why would I choose HPX garnet?

HPX is a hard rock garnet abrasive with an Adirondack advantage — the sharpest, hardest garnet crystals on Earth with a unique crystalline structure and durability. Named for the Adirondack Mountains where it is exclusively mined by BARTON, ADIRONDACK HPX is the sharpest, cleanest, fastest cutting and most precise waterjet cutting abrasive available. Learn more and contact our sales team for help selecting the best abrasive for your application.

Does BARTON offer a garnet recycling program?

Yes. BARTON offers a garnet recycling program, however there are some local and regional restrictions that limit the areas the program is available. Contact your regional sales manager to learn more.

Which waterjet machine do you recommend?

While BARTON has strong, supportive relationships with virtually every OEM, we do not recommend one waterjet machine supplier over another. We can assist you in making sure that you are aware of all of the OEMs and discuss what machine types they may offer.

Are garnet abrasives safe?

BARTON garnet is one of the safest abrasives on the market. Our garnet is a naturally occurring mineral containing zero residual hazardous materials with little to no risk of exposure to quartz and/or heavy metals. BARTON garnet abrasives are low dusting and are environmentally friendly.

Are BARTON garnet abrasives safe to use?

BARTON garnet abrasives are considered non-hazardous. Please see the safety data sheet (SDS) for product properties and safe handling and storing guidelines. Safety data sheets can be downloaded from our library.

Are BARTON garnet abrasives hazardous?

BARTON garnet abrasives are considered non-hazardous. Please see the safety data sheet (SDS) for product properties and safe handling and storing guidelines. Safety data sheets can be downloaded from our library.

How do I find the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for BARTON abrasives?

Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for BARTON abrasives can be downloaded from our library.

Do BARTON garnet abrasives contain beryllium?

Test data demonstrates that beryllium levels in BARTON garnet are non-detectable; below laboratory detection levels. Learn more about OSHA’S beryllium standard.

Do BARTON abrasives contain respirable free quartz (silica)?

Worker safety is always a priority at BARTON. We regularly test for respirable free quartz levels in our abrasives to ensure concentrations are below 0.1%. Safety data sheets can be downloaded from our library.

What is the difference between total quartz and respirable quartz as listed in the SDS?

Quartz, or silicon dioxide, is a commonly found mineral. The size of the quartz particle determines the inhalation hazard. For example, quartz crystals can grow to be quite large and therefore, do not pose an inhalation hazard. On the SDS for BARTON abrasives, this is described as “Total Quartz”. Worker safety organizations OSHA, NIOSH  and ACGIH agree that it is the respirable crystalline silica fraction that poses the true inhalation health hazard. BARTON has confirmed through an independent Hazard Classification Study that the respirable quartz fraction contained within our garnet abrasives is less than 0.1%.

Do I need to train my employees on the proper handling of garnet abrasives?

Yes. Although BARTON garnet abrasives are considered non-hazardous during normal use and routine clean-up activities, your employees need to understand the proper safe handling measures and work practices when working with any and all materials.

Why is housekeeping so important when using garnet abrasives?

As with any material, housekeeping is paramount to reduce potential employee exposures to any type of dust. During our Hazard Classification Study, we did find a relationship between extremely poor housekeeping conditions and the ability to detect respirable quartz. Although these exposures did not exceed the OSHA PEL, the levels were detectable by NIOSH Method 7500 when housekeeping was poor. As a reminder, as with all dust, wet-methods and/or vacuuming of dusts is the best way to prevent the suspension of dust particles in the air.

What are the OSHA regulations as they relate to BARTON abrasive product offerings?

BARTON abrasive products are subject to OSHA Hazard Communication regulations (29CFR 1910.1200) and are compliant with Global Harmonized System (GHS) standards. Product Safety Data Sheets (SDS) include information such as the properties of the abrasive; the physical, health, and environmental health hazards; protective measures; and safety precautions for handling, storing, and transporting the abrasive. Safety data sheets can be downloaded from our library.

How do I dispose of spent garnet?

Prior to disposing of spent garnet, please review applicable local, state and federal regulations. Although BARTON abrasives are classified as non-hazardous, it is the responsibility of the waste generator to ensure spent materials are disposed in accordance with applicable solid waste regulations. Depending on the waste generation process, additional testing (i.e. Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure (TCLP)) may be required in order accurately assess the proper waste classification.

Why do some other supplier’s garnet abrasive safety data sheets (SDS) say “Danger: May Cause Cancer” and some say nothing at all about quartz?

BARTON has completed the due diligence regarding the proper hazard classification for our garnet abrasives and have had a third-party expert lead a scientific Hazard Classification Study. Not all garnet abrasives are the same nor have all garnet abrasives suppliers undertaken the same rigorous assessment to accurately classify the hazards with their products as we have. We encourage you to develop a relationship with all of your suppliers so that you can be in the best position to ensure the health and safety of your employees.

What industrial hygiene method did you use to assess exposures during the Hazard Classification Study?

We followed NIOSH Method 7500 and used accredited laboratories for determining the crystalline silica concentrations in BARTON garnet abrasives.

What is the shelf life of garnet abrasives? Is there an expiration date?

BARTON garnet abrasives are naturally occurring minerals that do not contain chemical additives. There are no product expiration dates. However, proper storage methods need to be followed. Store abrasives in a cool dry place; preferably indoors. Keep container/package tightly closed and in a well-ventilated place without large temperature swings to prevent condensation. Abrasives stored in FIBC’s – flexible intermediate bulk containers, commonly called bulk bags, must be kept out of direct sunlight as UV light can deteriorate FIBC’s that are intended to be single use bags. Learn more about FIBC safe handling guidelines.

What are the advantages of using an abrasive bulk hopper and bulk bags?

Bulk bags provide the advantage of loading the abrasive hopper in one shot as compared to 55 LBS at a time with paper bags. The risk of paper bag contamination is also eliminated. Proper handling of bulk bags may also reduce the possibility of injuries related to handling paper bags. FIBC guidelines must be followed when handling bulk bags, and the bulk hopper must be installed properly. Installation guidelines for the BARTON abrasive hopper.

Should I pre-screen my abrasive? Why?

Our manufacturing processes are built on strict, comprehensive quality control standards to ensure the proper particle size distribution (PSD) and abrasive quality. However, when opening paper bags, fibers or contaminants could be introduced into the abrasive. Therefore, we recommend screening the garnet to help capture these particles.

What is the proper way to store abrasives?

Store BARTON abrasives in a cool dry place; preferably indoors. Keep container/package tightly closed and in a well-ventilated place without large temperature swings to prevent condensation. Abrasives stored in FIBC’s (flexible intermediate bulk containers, commonly called bulk bags) must be kept out of direct sunlight as UV light can deteriorate FIBC’s that are intended to be single use bags. Learn more about FIBC safe handling guidelines.

Can I stack pallets of abrasives?

Pallets of BARTON abrasive products are labeled Do Not Double Stack to ensure the highest protection of goods while in transit to customers. We recommend using a slip sheet between pallets if you stack pallets at your place of business.

How do I place an order?

To offer the best possible service, there are a variety of ways customers can purchase BARTON products. Call Customer Service at 1-800-741-7756 during normal business hours, 8AM– 5PM Eastern Time. Write to Customer Service at Shop online at to find a wide selection of genuine OEM and aftermarket replacement waterjet parts.

How do I set up an account? How long will it take?

We would love to have your business! New accounts can usually be established within 24 hours. A BARTON inside sales representative will help you set up your account – call us toll free at 1-800-741-7756. You will need to complete and submit our secure electronic credit application.

How do I find out the status of our credit application?

The BARTON credit application review is usually completed within 24 hours. To find out the status of your company’s credit application, please call the credit department at 518-615-2052, or send us an email to

What is the typical lead time to receive an abrasive order?

Most abrasive orders are shipped the same day or the next business day after the order is received. The BARTON logistics representatives shop for the best freight rates for large orders, such as full truckloads, to minimize the cost to our customers. Most truckload orders ship within two to three days.

What is the typical lead time to receive a waterjet parts order?

Most waterjet parts orders are shipped the same day or the next business day after the order is received. Same day shipping is available for orders received by 3PM Eastern Time Monday – Friday. Unless expedited shipping is requested, domestic parts orders ship via UPS Ground from our Petersburg, VA or Simi Valley, CA warehouses.

What kind of abrasives does BARTON sell?

BARTON has an extensive line of abrasive products including ADIRONDACK hard rock garnet, ALLTEK alluvial garnet, a blend of garnet and ECOTEK. Learn about our waterjet abrasives and blasting abrasives.

What types of packaging is available and what are the sizes and pallet weights?

BARTON abrasives are available in a variety of package sizes and types, including 55 LB paper bags in full pallet quantities of 2,200 LBS (40 bags) and 4,400 LBS (80 bags); 55 LB plastic pails in full pallet quantities of 1,980 LBS (36 pails); 2,200 LBS. bulk bags; 4,400 LBS bulk bags. Not all grades are available in all package types. Your customer service representative can let you know which package sizes are available for the abrasive product you have selected.

Does BARTON offer smaller package sizes than 55 LBS?

In some cases Barton has been able to provide alternative packaging for special applications. Please contact your regional sales manager with your specific requirement.

How do I find the BARTON warehouse near me?

BARTON warehouse locations are listed on the How to Buy page.

How do I find my BARTON sales representative?

Find contact information for the BARTON sales representative in your area on the How to Buy page.

How is BARTON different from other abrasive suppliers?

At BARTON, quality is paramount and customer success is our priority. When you choose BARTON you get the unrivaled quality that is our family heritage, and a team of professionals who continually strive to deliver products and service that meet or exceed expectations. Customers are viewed as partners and we believe in working collaboratively to bring value to every interaction.

Is a tarp required if I would like my abrasive delivered by flatbed?

A tarp and pallet cover is required on all flatbed shipments of BARTON abrasives. An exception can be made if a written waiver is provided by the customer.

What is a Certificate of Analysis?

A Certificate of Analysis (CoA) is a document issued by a regulatory or quality assurance entity verifying the adherence to product specifications and standards of production of certain products such as food products and drugs. The certificate usually includes the actual test results performed on the product batch.

How do I get a Certificate of Analysis?

Contact customer service by email to or by calling 1-800-741-7756 to request a Certificate of Analysis.

What is a Certificate of Conformity?

A Certificate of Conformity (CoC), also known as a Certificate of Conformance or Certificate of Compliance is document given to exporters or importers to show that the good or services bought or supplied meet the required standards. The document is usually required during customs clearance of goods to some countries.

How do I get a Certificate of Conformity?

Contact customer service by email to or by calling 1-800-741-7756 to request a Certificate of Conformity.

Who do I contact for questions about sales tax?

A BARTON accounts receivable representative is here to assist you with sales tax questions related to your purchases from us. To speak with an accounts receivable representative, please call 518-615-2056 or email us at

How do I get a copy of my invoice?

To request a copy of an invoice, please contact accounts receivable at 518-615-2056 or by email to

Who do I contact for questions about my invoice?

Contact customer service by email to or by calling 1-800-741-7756 with questions about your invoice.

How can I make a payment?

BARTON offers multiple ways to make a payment on your account. The preferred method of payment is an electronic ACH or wire payment. To make an ACH or wire payment, please contact accounts receivable at 518-615-2056 or by email to

What surface preparation specs do BARTON garnet abrasives meet?

BARTON garnet abrasives meet current industry standards, including U.S. Navy MIL-A-22262B(SH) and SSPC-AB 1 (Type 1, Class A). Our blast media grades are QPL listed and CARB certified. Learn more.